School Board 2019-2020


Fr. Jean Baptiste


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Fr. Tran

Associate Pastor

The function of the Saint Joseph School Board is to act as a formal advisory board to the school principal, to assist in the development of goals and objectives for the school, to formulate policies that will guide the principal of the school, and to advance the mission of Saint Joseph School. 

The School Board shall be representative of the total Saint Joseph School community.  All members, except certain ex-officio members, are voting members.

The term of office for School Board Members will be for three years with the option of reappointment or reelection for a second three year term.  The terms from from July 1 - June 30.


Father Jean Baptiste - Pastor -

Father Tien Tran - Associate Pastor -

Michael La Haie - Principal -

Scott Evens - School Board Chair -

Erin Lee - School Board Secretary -

Denise Buck - Home & School Association -

Robert Wingo - Grounds -

Troy Bartlet - Grounds -

Chris Cardwell - Athletics -

Angela Lanier - Finance -

Shiju Jacob - IT -

John Baker - IT -

Dr. Christine Foster - Policy & Planning -

Beth Langlois - Policy & Planning -

Lindsay Payne - Parish Relations -

Ginger DuBose - Faculty Representative -