Pre-Kindergarten 5 Day



...curiosity is valued as the most genuine form of intrinsic motivation. Experiences that stimulate inquiry and curiosity, support the development of lifelong learners.

....we believe that imagination gives birth to creativity and the element of choice allows it to grow. PreK children come to school with imaginations on the verge of explosion! Our classroom is a place where these eager minds can explore their imaginations through reading, writing, and speaking.

....learning is a social activity. Our classroom is a place where children construct meaning through their interactions with each other and their environment. They are encouraged to share feeling and ideas. They are also taught how to listen to and appreciate the ideas of others.

...we grow closer to Jesus by becoming His friend and seeking to understand His unimaginable love for each of us. We learn to see Christ in others. We strive to do all things with great love and let the light of Christ within us shine for all to see.

Why I teach....

“I teach because I believe in children. Children enter my classroom as curious, imaginative, and passionate learners in search of guidance and authentic experiences that give them the courage to share and laugh about what matters most to them. It is my responsibility, as their teacher, to nurture these learners and provide them with these experiences.”

-Ginger DuBose

More general information about Pre-K...

The Pre-K program at St.Joseph School has adopted an integrative, multi-disciplinary, developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood education. We engage children in authentic, literacy based experiences using the following resources:

  • Orton-Gillingham

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Zoo Phonics

  • Lakeshore Literacy and Math Chests

  • Touch Math

  • STEM

  • Scholastic News

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

  • Seeds Gospel Weeklies

Special Classes: Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, Computer/Technology

PreK is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education and accredited by AdvancED. We are an Early Literacy Matters Program. All PreK faculty members are CPR and First Aid Certified.