The superior curriculum at Saint Joseph School is driven by the Diocese of Nashville’s high academic standards.  Our teachers are encouraged to seek ways to make all academic areas come to life in a variety of developmentally appropriate ways. Students engage in the core subjects of Religion, Math, Science, Literature, English, and Social Studies, continually deepening their comprehension of fundamental concepts and skills. We are extremely proud of our newly launched STREAM program which includes robotics, coding and computer science.  We at Saint Joseph School, encourage and motivate our students to recognize their personal best to fulfill their highest potential.

Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4

The St. Joseph School Pre-Kindergarten program is a great way for a child to continue the spiritual and educational journey that the parent has begun at home.  The program serves children aged 3, 4 and 5. We believe in educating the whole child by focusing on intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative growth. Our philosophy is to provide a stimulating environment in which activities are planned to help each child succeed at his/her own level of development.  Learning is spontaneous as children learn from each other and teachers act as facilitators in the learning process. We believe that a quality education acknowledges the innate curiosity of children and their desire to understand and master their environment. Because children have different interests and learning styles, and because they progress at different rates, we take considerable care to tailor our program to the talents and needs of each child.


Preparation for academic success and fostering a love of learning form the foundation of our Kindergarten classrooms. Students excitedly explore all traditional curricular areas, with a heavy focus on phonics and literacy. Each child strengthens their reading ability, while also engaging in a rigorous mathematics program designed to continue the strong number-sense that will serve as a foundation for more complex mathematics in later years. The students’ curiosity and understanding of the mysteries of our faith are nurtured through the The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd curriculum.  Students begin to learn the scientific process by forming hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, and communicating conclusions through hands on Science experiments and observations. The Social Studies curriculum deepens students’ awareness of how they fit into the broader community, focusing on human rights and appreciation of cultural and individual differences. Students begin STREAM and Spanish classes in addition to Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education.

First Through Fifth Grade

The primary and intermediate grades move beyond introductions and focus on developing mastery in the core curricular areas. Emphasis is placed on reading ability and fluency and establishing solid basic skills in mathematics with strong number sense. Faith formation is continued through while introducing additional study on Catholic doctrine and scripture in preparation for the first sacraments. In Social Studies, students are challenged to understand and demonstrate the concepts of society and community, and utilize the study of world and United States history to understand these ideas at a nuanced level. Fundamental concepts of Earth and Life Science are studied, highlighting the scientific process including data collection and analysis. In addition to the core curriculum, STREAM, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music and Library are all included in the day to day learning as well as our third-fifth grade choir. 

Sixth through Eighth Grade 

As students continue to grow in our Middle School program,  the focus shifts from mastery of basic skills to higher order thinking and a deep understanding of increasingly complex topics. The core curriculum of Religion, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Language Arts, and Social Studies are all continued. These core subjects are departmentalized, exposing students to changing classrooms throughout each day and learning from teachers who are specialized in their subject area. Classes are also formally differentiated by ability, with students placed in Advanced or Grade-level classes. A heavy emphasis is placed on improving student writing, with all grades utilizing the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum to augment the traditional English course. STREAM, Spanish, Art, Physical Education and Music all continue to develop with the opportunity to join band or choir. With each year of study students are granted greater independence in learning and a greater share of responsibility. Students are taught study and organizational skills to ensure they are well prepared for success at the high school level in all subjects.