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We are so lucky to have a wonderful and talented Executive Chef at our school who loves our students and is dedicated to providing both healthy lunch options and family to-go dinner options, find the menus for both below.

How to Add Money to Your Student’s RenWeb Lunch Account:

Go to

Log into your account - remember the school code is "sj-tn". 

Once you log into Parentsweb> family information> family billing> click the pay now button. If you click the detail button you will see a listing of all transactions for this school year. Please contact Chef Tom at  with questions or concerns.

Each day there will be at least one choice of entree available.  If there are two choices listed, your student will have to choose between Choice 1 and Choice 2.  With a parent's permission, a student may choose BOTH entrees, however, there will be an additional charge for each entree added.  Please discuss the lunch menu with your student and which options they are allowed to purchase each day. 

SJS Cafeteria Pricing

Lunch Prices:

School Hot Lunch Price, pre-paid - $3.50 (PreK - 4th Grade), $3.75 (5th - 8th Grade)

School Hot Lunch Price, Paid day-of with cash - $3.75 (PreK - 4th Grade), $4.00 (5th - 8th Grade)

School Hot Lunch Price, Charged - $4.00 (PreK - 4th Grade), $4.25 (5th - 8th Grade)

Parent Lunch - $4.25

Extra Entree - $1.25

Extra Side - $0.75

Extra Condiments / Dipping Sauces / Salad Dressings - $0.25

Chef & Specialty Salad, Large - $3.75

Canned Soda (Friday Only) - $1.00

Water Only/Milk Only/Juice Only - $0.60

Popsicles/Ice Cream Treats - $0.75

All Snacks:

Snacks - $0.60

Breakfast Items:

Cereal/Breakfast Bars - $0.60

Plain Biscuits - $0.60

Biscuits with Meat - $1.50

Muffins/Bagels/Croissants - $1.00

Scrambled Eggs - $0.75

Add Ham - $0.50

Add Cheese - $0.50