Alleluia Day

At Saint Joseph School, we take our Catholic Faith and traditions seriously while also creating a welcoming environment to those of all faith backgrounds. We encourage our students to live a life of morality, grace and joy. We have several weekly activities and special events that help our children grow closer to God.

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Alleluia Day

Imagine this – 300+ students kneeling in silence in the gym, adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, praising Him in song and ending the day with singing and dancing as if they were at a rock concert! This is the true picture of our annual Alleluia Day celebration. Teachers, parent volunteers, students, and parishioners–all enjoy the day of adoration, praise, prayer, quiet, family group time, and singing and dancing.


Eucharistic Adoration is the Adoration of Jesus Christ present in the Holy Eucharist. In a deeper sense, Adoration involves "the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us".