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2016 - 2017 School Bus Schedule


School Bus pickup and drop-off times are subject to change due to current traffic conditions.


Please plan to arrive at your planned stop several minutes early.


Mornings (Monday - Friday):

6:45am - Depart Kroger Marketplace (Gallatin)

7:00am - Depart Lowes (Indian Lake)

7:25am - Depart JPII Tennis Courts (Hendersonville)

7:50am - Arrive at Saint Joseph School


Afternoons (Monday - Friday):

3:05pm - Depart Saint Joseph School

3:15pm - Arrive Babies R Us (Rivergate)

3:25pm - Arrive JPII Tennis Courts (Hendersonville)

3:50pm - Arrive Lowes (Indian Lake)

4:05pm - Arrive Kroger Marketplace (Gallatin)



  Please contact the school office for more information or with any questions or concerns.